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The Raspberry Pi Guide for scientists and anyone else!

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Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Guide website! Here you can find a compendium of guides and tutorials (30+) to help you get started and get the most our of your Raspberry Pi.

The website

The website is developed and maintained by Dr Jolle Jolles as part of a bigger effort to help researchers take up and integrate the Raspberry Pi in their work. It accompanies the academic review paper (Broad-scale Applications of the Raspberry Pi: A Review and Guide for Biologists) that documents the broad uptake of Raspberry Pi’s in the biological sciences.

I have carefully selected guides that I think would be most helpful and written them in a way to be concise, easy to follow, and without distractions. Indeed, this website is completely free from any adds and is hosted open source on github pages). I do not have any financial interests in promoting the Raspberry Pi and created this website purely because I think the Raspberry Pi is a great device that could be helpful to other researchers. Although I set up this website with scientists in mind, I hope the guides are helpful to anyone using or wanting to use these highly versatile little computers. The best place to start is the follow along with the overview guide.

About me

Jolle workshop I am Jolle Jolles, a behavioural ecologist at the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF). I study the behaviour of individuals and groups of animals to try and understand the role of phenotypic variation in animal communities and its consequences across ecological scales. I am a passionate and long-term user of Raspberry Pi’s, and have used them as a central component of my work since 2014. Besides creating this website and writing the detailed review article, I also give Raspberry Pi workshops for fellow scientists. You can find out more about my research on my website (, twitter (@jollewjolles), and instagram (@jollethebiologist).


I hope you find this website useful! If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions or just want to say hi, it would be great to hear from you. You can either leave a comment on the specific guide, write in the guestbook, or send me an email.


If you use find any of the information provided on this website useful it would be great to hear from you and please consider citing the paper! All rights reserved © 2021 Jolle Jolles. Website built using Jekyll and the Just the Docs theme.